DFRWS 2022 Virtual USA Conference, July 11-14. Black background with a globe centered on North and South America in white. Strings of 0s and 1s of different lengths are coming out of the globe.
11 - Jul 2022

Outfit Yourself in DFRWS USA 2022 Backgrounds!

With DFRWS USA 2022 being held Virtually, there are opportunities to bedazzle your Zoom backgrounds with DFRWS USA designs!


We also have a selection of “ribbons” you can add to your preferred background much like you add them to your name tag in real life!  View the selection on Google Drive.

Zoom Backgrounds

Match the conference style with our exclusive Zoom Backgrounds!  Just right click and select “Save Image As” to download.  Zoom has instructions on how to set up a virtual background.

For being on the stage in the spot light!

For being in the audience:

For hanging out in the lobby:

The bar for Pub Quiz:

For grabbing coffee: