DFRWS 2022 HYBRID APAC - September 28-30, 2022 in Adelaide, Australia. Outline of APAC (grey on a black backgroud), with streams of 1s and 0s going to the bottom of the page.
04 - Aug 2022

DFRWS APAC 2022 Call for participation

DFRWS, organizers of the longest-running research conference in digital forensics (https://dfrws.org), invite you to participate in the DFRWS-APAC 2022 Conference, which will be held Wednesday, September 28 through Friday, September 30. The conference will run as a hybrid event, with it possible for attendees and presenters to attend either virtually via Zoom or physically at the University of Adelaide, Australia (pandemic permitting).


The DFRWS conference brings together leading researchers, practitioners, industry, tool developers, academics, law enforcement, and military from around the globe to tackle current and emerging challenges in digital forensics. Established in 2001, DFRWS conferences welcome all community members to share cutting-edge research, practitioner presentations, and works in progress in a friendly atmosphere. As an independent organization, we promote open community discussions and disseminate the results of our work to the widest audience.


The keynote speakers for this year are:

– Harm van Beek (Netherlands Forensic Institute) – “Lessons learned from implementing digital forensic as a service”

– Yuval Yarom (University of Adelaide) – “Side Channels and the Art of Recovering Secrets from your Microarchitecture”


Three practitioner-focused training workshops are included in the price of the 2.5 day conference:

– Sydney Declaration: the path ahead for digital forensic science – Claude Roux et al (University of Technology Sydney)

– Velociraptor: Digging Deeper” – Michael Cohen (Rapid7)

– How to provide Digital Forensics as a Service –  Harm van Beek (Netherlands Forensic Institute)


With 20 presentations (13 of which are backed by research papers) there is something for everyone (who likes digital forensics)! Topics range from cutting edge research to practical techniques across Disk, Memory,  Mobile, IoT, Filesystems to name a few.

The draft program is available here: https://dfrws.org/apac-2022-program/


Forensics Rodeo! The Rodeo will be a CTF style event with challenges of various levels in digital forensics.  Bring a team or work solo.


Great opportunities to share your ideas and connect with people with similar interests. The Work-in-Progress session provides a fast-paced forum to share the status of your current research.  Sign up in-conference to share a short two-minute snapshot of your work.


DFRWS conferences have always been defined by the people, the friendly relaxed atmosphere, and open nature of the group, as much as its technical excellence.  We are excited to have our first ever in-person APAC event and our hosts are looking forward to showing what makes Adelaide special. Connections made from conversations in the hallways, at lunch, and in the evening over a beer are as important as the papers.  Events like the rodeo allow people to work in small groups in a relaxed setting, either with old friends or brand new ones.


For those unable to attend in person, we try to make this more than just the passive experience of watching a prerecorded stream.  We have dedicated people on-site, monitoring Zoom to relay questions in chat – reading them out load so the in-person audience hear the questions too. Like the presentations stream, the Rodeo and Workshops are also virtual friendly, so if attending in-person is not an option, you can still participate.


DFRWS APAC 2022 registration includes access to all presentations and workshops; and participation in the famous rodeo. There are group, student, law enforcement, and multi-conference rates available. For details and the link to register, please see:


Send any registration questions to:
apac-registration <at> dfrws <dot> org

We look forward to your participation in DFRWS.  See you in Adelaide or online!


DFRWS APAC Organizing Committee

Send any questions regarding the 2022 APAC conference to:
apac <at> dfrws <dot> org