29 - Feb 2024

Two Keynote Speakers and 8 Workshops Headline the DFRWS EU 2024 Conference

The Digital Forensic Research Workshop is excited to announce two keynotes and eight workshops for its 2024 Europe edition in Zaragoza! Each offering is designed to be its own practical focus on today’s biggest DFIR challenges:

Keynotes to Feature Two of Spain’s Most Trusted Industry Experts

In Wednesday morning’s “Unlocking Screens to Unveil Scenes: Overcoming Obstacles in a Police Investigation,” Marcos González, technical manager of Guardia Civil’s Digital Forensics Unit, will immerse the audience in a police case.

With his more than 8 years of experience in criminal investigative digital forensics as a reference point, González will provide practical, entertaining insights into his team’s day-to-day technical challenges, the interdisciplinary collaboration strategies it takes to meet them, and successes.

On Thursday morning in “Beyond the Hype: Research on how Cybercriminals are Really Using GenAI,” David Sancho, a senior threat researcher with Trend Micro who has more than 25 years of experience in the security field, will:

  • Take the audience into criminal underground forums to determine how AI is actually being used relative to the general market.
  • How criminals are adopting the technology to further their goals, and what kind of AI-powered criminal services exist.
  • Cover LLM offerings by criminals for criminals with features and prices, including possibly fake criminal LLM offerings and whether they serve as wrappers to more legitimate GPTs.
  • Discuss deepfake services for criminals, including contrasts between audio and video deepfakes.

7 Workshops From Extensive Research and Experience

Tuesday’s set of quarter- and half-day workshops will each dive into current topics. Learn how to get hands-on with specific aspects of incident response, mobile and IoT forensics, app analysis, social media intelligence, deepfake analysis, & datasets.

Take a look at the full DFRWS program here, including papers, social events, and more!

Registration starts at €50. Register to attend and remember to register apply the Code FriendsofDFRWS to receive a €100 Euro Discount on any registration!

Groups are eligible for an additional 10% off by contacting eu_registration@dfrws.org.