Tuesday, 29 March, 2016Amphimax, UNIL-Sorge, University of Lausanne
Workshop Track 1Workshop Track 2Workshop Track 3Sponsored Track
9:00Virtual currencies
André Fischer, Jakob Hasse & Thomas Gloe (dence GmhH, Germany)
Fun with the beast: Traffic Mining (TM) using Brain and Tranalyzer. Part 1: Fundamentals of traffic mining.
Stefan Burschka (RUAG)
12:30Lunch (Amphimax Restaurant)
13:30Evidence Exchange between Courts in Europe: a standard proposal to be discussed.
M.A. Biasiotti, M. Epifani, F. Turchi, and J. C. Deprez, N. Matskanis
Plaso Parser Workshop
Daniel White (Google)
Fun with the beast: Traffic Mining (TM) using Brain and Tranalyzer. Part 2: Using Tranalyzer
Stefan Burschka (RUAG)
Sponsored tutorial: Analysis of deleted data
Roman Locher (Arina AG)
15:30Sponsored tutorial: Windows Event Log analysis: Gathering great information the easy way!
Roman Locher (Arina AG)

Main Conference

Wednesday, 30 March 2016Amphimax, Auditorium 351, University of Lausanne
8:00Registration opens (Amphimax, UNIL-Sorge, University of Lausanne)
8:40Opening Remarks / Official Welcome
9:00Keynote Address: The Long and Winding Road to Digital/Multimedia Science
Eoghan Casey & David-Olivier Jaquet-Chiffelle
10:00Break (Coffee and Tea)
10:30SESSION 1: Memory Forensics I
Chair: Vassil Roussev
Evaluating Atomicity, and Integrity of Correct Memory Acquisition Methods
Michael Gruhn and Felix Freiling
Automatic Profile generation for live Linux Memory analysis
Michael Cohen and Arkadiusz Socala
Pool Tag Quick Scanning for Windows Memory Analysis
Joe Sylve, Vico Marziale and Golden Richard
12:00Lunch (Amphimax Restaurant)
13:30SESSION 2: Technology-specific Analysis
Chair: Robert Jan Mora
A Scalable Authorship Verification Method for Different Languages, Genres and Topics
Oren Halvani, Christian Winter and Anika Pflug
Generic RAID Reassembly using Block-Level Entropy
Christian Zoubek, Sabine Seufert and Andreas Dewald
14:30Break (Coffee and Tea)
15:00SESSION 3: Short Presentations 1
Chair: Maria Angela Biasiotti
Studying the structure and organisation of illicit drugs trafficking on Darknet markets through the analysis of digital, chemical and physical traces
Damien Rhumorbarbe, Ludovic Staehli, Julian Broséus, Quentin Rossy and Pierre Esseiva
Internet forums: a source of intelligence to monitor the online diffusion of doping products
Thomas Pineau, Adrien Schopfer, Lionel Grossrieder, Pierre Esseiva and Quentin Rossy
Discovering Windows Phone 8 artifacts and secrets
Mattia Epifani, Francesco Picasso and Marco Scarito
16:00SESSION 4: Data Acquisition
Chair: Eoghan Casey
A method and a case study for the selection of the best available tool for mobile device forensics using decision analysis
Shahzad Saleem, Oliver Popov and Ibrahim Baggili
Lest We Forget: Cold-Boot Attacks on Scrambled DDR3 Memory
Johannes Bauer, Michael Gruhn and Felix Freiling
19:30Social Event: Gala dinner, forensic rodeo, & best paper awards (included in the registration fee)
Starling Hotel Lausanne, UNIL-EPFL campus
Thursday, 31 March 2016Amphimax, Auditorium 351, University of Lausanne
8:00Registration opens (Amphimax, UNIL-Sorge, University of Lausanne)
9:00Keynote Address: Challenges in Big Multimedia Forensics, From Drones to Virtual Reality and Evidence in Court
Mr. Zeno Geradts
10:00Posters and Break (Coffee and Tea)
10:15SESSION 5: Handling Digital Evidence
Chair: Hans Henseler
Tiered Forensic Methodology Model for Digital Field Triage by Non-Digital Evidence Specialists
Ben Hitchcock, Nhien An Le Khac and Mark Scanlon
Digital evidence, 'absence' of data and ambiguous patterns of reasoning
Alex Biedermann and Joëlle Vuille
Forensic Investigation of Cyberstalking Cases using Behavioural Evidence Analysis
Noora Al Mutawa, Joanne Bryce, Virginia N. L. Franqueira and Andrew Marrington
12:00Lunch (Amphimax Restaurant)
13:00SESSION 6: Short Presentations 2
Chair: Bruce Nikkel
The Digital Evidence Dashboard Project
Hans Henseler and Adrie Stander
Study and analysis of Orweb anonymizer on Android devices
Claudia Meda and Mattia Epifani
Life on Clouds, a forensics overview
Marco Scarito, Mattia Epifani and Francesco Picasso
14:00Lightning Talks (signup at registration desk on-site)
14:30Posters and Break (Coffee and Tea)
15:00SESSION 7: Cloud and Networks
Chair: Mark Scanlon
Forensic Analysis of Cloud-native Artifacts
Vassil Roussev and Shane McCulley
TLSkex: Harnessing virtual machine introspection for decrypting TLS communication
Benjamin Taubmann, Christoph Frädrich, Dominik Dusold and Hans P. Reiser
Facilitating Forensic Examinations of Multi-User Computer Environments through Session-to-Session Analysis of Internet History
David Gresty, Diane Gan, George Loukas and Constantinos Ierotheo
16:30Panel Discussion
Title: Conclusions Scales or Likelihood Ratios in Digital Forensic Science
Moderator: Eoghan Casey
Zeno Geradts
Alex Biedermann
Franco Taroni
Christophe Champod
17:30Closing Remarks / Announcements