Monday, 23 March 2015 - Pre-Conference Workshops
Hilton Double Tree Burlington Hotel, Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4
8:00Registration opens (Business centre of the Burlington Hotel)
Workshop Track 1 (Herbert Ballroom)Workshop Track 2 (Meeting Room 1&2)
8:30Digital Forensics Framework - Part I
Frederic Baguelin & Solal Jacob (ArxSys)
Common Criteria for Digital Forensics Experts
Hans Henseler & Sophie Loenhout
12:15Lunch (Sussex 2)
13:00GRR Incident Response Framework
Andreas Moser (Google)
Digital Memory Forensics interactive Workshop
Johannes Stüttgen and Michael Cohen (Google)
16:45Viking Splash Tour of Dublin City: Pick-up / Drop-off at the entrance to the Hotel.
18:30Welcome Reception (Ballroom Reception Area)
Tuesday, 24 March 2015 - Main Conference
UCD Science Hub, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4
9:30Opening Remarks / Orientation
9:35Keynote Address
Mr. Troels Oerting, Group CISO of Barclays Bank Plc, Former Head of European Cyber Crime Centre (EC3) at Europol
10:05Keynote Address
Mr. Chris Ashton, Director of Spectrum Engineering at Inmarsat
The Search for MH370: Lessons from Inmarsat's Flightpath Reconstruction Analysis
10:35SESSION 1: Network Forensics
Chair: Michael Cohen
Hviz: HTTP(S) Traffic Aggregation and Visualization for Network Forensics *BEST PAPER*
David Gugelmann, Fabian Gasser, Bernhard Ager and Vincent Lenders
Spam Campaign Detection, Analysis, and Investigation
Son Dinh, Taher Azeb, Francis Fortin, Djedjiga Mouheb and Mourad Debbabi
11:30Break (Coffee and Tea)
12:00SESSION 2: Disk and Mobile Forensics
Chair: Owen Brady
Fast contraband detection in large capacity disk drives
Phil Penrose, William Buchanan and Richard Macfarlane
Investigating Evidence of Mobile Phone Usage by Drivers in Road Traffic Accidents
Graeme Horsman and Lynne Conniss
13:00Lunch in PI Restaurant
14:10SESSION 3: Short Presentations 1
Chair: Mark Scanlon
Tor Forensics on Windows OS
Mattia Epifani, Marco Scarito and Francesco Picasso
Fast and Generic Malware Triage Using openioc_scan Volatility Plugin
Takahiro Haruyama
How I forced an Android Vulnerability into bypassing MDM restrictions + DIY - Android Malware analysis
Zubair Ashraf.
15:10Poster Session (Tea and Coffee) in the atrium beside Moore Auditorium
15:50SESSION 4: Memory and Malware Analysis
Chair: Solal Jacob
Characterization of the Windows Kernel version variability for accurate Memory analysis
Michael Cohen
Acquisition and Analysis of Compromised Firmware Using Memory Forensics
Johannes Stüttgen, Stefan Voemel and Michael Denzel
SIGMA: A Semantic Integrated Graph Matching Approach for identifying reused functions in binary code
Saed Alrabaee, Paria Shirani, Lingyu Wang and Mourad Debbabi
17:30Hired bus trip from UCD back to DoubleTree Burlington Hotel for attendees staying at DoubleTree
19:00Dinner on your own.
20:00DFRWS Meetup at The Dakota Bar (30 min walk / 5 min taxi from hotel)
Wednesday, 25 March 2015 - Main Conference
University College Dublin, O'Brien's Centre for Science
8:30Registration starts at the concourse of Moore Auditorium (E0.08, UCD Science Hub)
8:30Hired bus trip from DoubleTree Burlington Hotel to UCD Science Hub for attendees staying at DoubleTree
9:30Opening Remarks / Orientation
9:35Keynote Speech
David-Olivier Jaquet-Chiffelle (University of Lausanne)
Title: Digital Forensics - Behind the Scenes(pres)
10:15SESSION 5: Investigating New Hardware
Chair: Olga Angelopoulou
Smart TV Forensics: Digital Traces on televisions
Abdul Boztas, Remko Riethoven and Mark Roeloffs
Forensic Analysis of a Sony PlayStation 4: A First Look
Allen Davies, Huw Read, Konstantinos Xynos and Iain Sutherland.
11:15Break (Coffee and Tea)
11:45Panel Discussion
Title: Forensic Tool Validation
Moderator: Pavel Gladyshev
Eoghan Casey (MITRE)
Mikael Lindström (Europol EC3)
Hans Henseler (Tracks Inspector)
David-Olivier Jaquet-Chiffelle (Univ. Lausanne)
12:45Lunch in PI Restaurant
13:45SESSION 6: Handling Digital Evidence
Chair: David-Olivier Jaquet-Chiffelle
A scalable file based data store for forensic analysis
Flavio Cruz, Andreas Moser and Michael Cohen
Leveraging CybOX to Standardize Representation and Exchange of Digital Forensic Information
Eoghan Casey, Greg Back, and Sean Barnum
Designing Robustness and Resilience in Digital Investigation Laboratories
Philipp Amann and Joshua James.
15:15Lightning Talks
15:30Break (Coffee and Tea in Demo and Poster Session Area)
16:00SESSION 7: Short Presentations 2
Chair: Hans Henseler
The EVIDENCE Project: Bridging the Gap in the Exchange of Digital Evidence across Europe
Maria Angela Biasiotti and Fabrizio Turchi
How to search extracted data
Javier Collado
A theoretic framework for evaluating similarity digesting tools
Liwei Ren
On Criteria for Evaluating Similarity Digest Schemes
Jonathan Oliver.
17:30Hired bus trip from UCD back to DoubleTree Burlington Hotel for attendees staying at DoubleTree
18:30Start of social program, including main banquet, forensic rodeo, and other activities(DoubleTree Burlington Hotel - Sussex Restaurant)
Best Paper Award
Thursday 26 March 2015 -E-DAIS Workshop

First European Workshop on Data Analytics for Information Security and Forensics (E-DAIS)
9:00Registration opens (Business centre of the Burlington Hotel)
10:00Keynote Speech:
Mr. Jean-Dominique Nollet, Head of Unit, Forensics, Research, Development, European Cybercrime Centre.Research challenges for large scale forensics & data analytics in cybercrime investigations
10:30Panel Discussion: Technical Problems of Big Data Analysis for Information Security and forensics
11:15Break (Coffee and Tea)
11:30Panel Discussion: Societal / Privacy Problems of Big Data Analysis for Information Security and forensics
12:15Lunch (Sussex Restaurant)
13:00Breakout Groups
interoperability standards
visual analytic techniques for information security and forensics
text translation and mining for information security and forensics;
legal aspects of cross-jurisdictional data collection and analysis
socio-technical approaches to strengthening human rights protection and public oversight over investigative big data analytics
15:00Short presentation of discussion outcomes by each group
16:00Future actions & concluding remarks