Date and Time:
Tuesday, March 19, 08:45 – 10:45

This workshop is hybrid (online and face-to-face).


CASE (Cyber-investigation Analysis Standard Expression) has advanced significantly in the past year. Participants in this workshop will learn the current state of CASE, including ongoing adoption in Hansken. This workshop will highlight the use of CASE for testing and validating digital forensic tools. Attendees will also have an opportunity to participate in community discussion about how to represent machine learning results, location-related analysis, and forensic reports. This workshop will have interactive participation by attendees with detailed CASE studies of specific tools. Participants will also learn how to bring their own work into CASE and to create a culture of common comprehension and collaborative problem solving with other members of the digital forensic community.

Preparation Details:

Participants will benefit from having Python 3, and may benefit from having Linux or Mac CLI available.

Workshop organiser:

Eoghan Casey, Gaëtan Michelet (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)