Welcome to the DFRWS/AGP, Digital Forensic Rodeo!

Host: Connecticut Institute of Technology, Artifact Genome Project

REGISTER HERE: agp.newhaven.edu

Contact: agp@newhaven.edu, AGP’s contact page, or the #rodeo channel in the conference discord.

Please download the Digital Forensic Challenge Guide below to get started or access it through the AGP website!

Note: When registering for an AGP account, ensure you mention you are part of DFRWS APAC, so we know you were registered in the conference.

Your task is to complete 15 assigned challenges with just under three days. See guide for details.

The winner will be announced on Day 3, Friday, January 29th @16:00 AEDT (7:00 UTC).

We kindly ask you to fill out a survey once you are done with the Rodeo for feedback to help us improve our content. The link to the survey will be added here soon and will be provided on the 2nd and 3rd day of the conference.

Note:  Once you submit an assignment for grading, you WILL NOT be able to go back!

Save it for later if you have not completed it!

Have fun investigating!

DFRWS/AGP 2021 Admin Team

Digital Forensic Rodeo Guide
[Link to PDF: https://bit.ly/3qQnjNx]

In-conference Locations

Zoom Meeting #Rodeo room

Discord #rodeo

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