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06 - Sep 2023

6 Workshops Announced for DFRWS-APAC 2023

Each Digital Forensics Research Workshop hosts a number of half-day workshops designed to provide attendees with hands-on deep dives into current topics. At the Asia-Pacific event this year, six workshops have been announced:

Wearables and Health Data Workshop

Following last year’s DFRWS-APAC workshop on Apple Health Data and the related Forensic Rodeo, Prof. Matthew Sorell, Dusan Kozusnik, and Luke Jennings will look at the data that can be acquired directly and indirectly from wearable Apple, Fitbit, and Garmin devices. The types of available records and the limitations in acquiring them will be addressed, along with a case study demonstrating the need for scientific validation of health logs.

Forensic Insights from Electromagnetic Radiation

Dr. Asanka Sayakkara and Prof. Kasun de Zoysa will build on research they’ve previously presented at DFRWS: electromagnetic side-channel analysis (EM-SCA), the field that exploits EM radiation emitted from computing devices to exfiltrate sensitive information. The workshop will demonstrate software-defined radio equipment used to acquire EM radiation, as well as the procedure to capture, process, and analyse EM radiation from various devices-under-test (DUT).

Understanding Software IP and Detecting IP Theft

Bob Zeidman will teach about intellectual property and copyright infringement relative to software. Participants will learn how to compare software source code and object code to determine correlation and ultimately find indicators of whether one program was copied from another. Included will be skills such as filtering out irrelevant results and unprotectible correlations, and report writing suitable for legal proceedings.

LLMs: Prompt Engineering and Retrieval Augmented Generation for Digital Forensics

Hans Henseler, Kwok-Yan Lam, Victor C.W. Cheng, and Zee Kin Yeong will introduce large language models (LLMs), emphasizing ChatGPT and open source LLMs such as Llama2. Participants will receive hands-on experience that will ultimately enable them to index and ask questions about a legal document (e.g. criminal case court ruling or digital forensic expert witness report) that is new to the LLM, i.e., it was not part of the data set used to train the LLM.

Dark Web Monitoring for a Safer Cyberspace

DFRWS-APAC keynote speaker Thomas Goger will present alongside Dr. Mark Van Staalduinen, focusing on technical and operational insights into how the dark web works. Particular emphasis will be placed on the Dark Web Monitor tool, which supports law enforcement, cybersecurity and finance organizations with advanced analytics that aid the investigation of digital traces to disrupt, de-anonymize, and prosecute criminal actors and infrastructures.

Introduction to Drone Forensics

The recreational, commercial, and criminal uses for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)s offer  opportunities, risks and threats to leading industries as well as the general public. Christopher Church will draw from INTERPOL’S 2020 Framework for Responding to a Drone Incident to introduce attendees to the concepts involved in managing and processing a drone incident.

At the main Singapore location, workshops will be held Tuesday, 17 October at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre located in SunTec City. Buses will be provided to and from the location, and the workshops will be livestreamed for attendees at DFRWS’ satellite Hong Kong location.

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