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Clarifying and analyzing audio has evolved over the last 20 years into an advanced and interesting science. Software tools are powerful and fast and allow users to quickly try various filters and settings and to hear results instantly.

A user can remove many varieties of noise from audio evidence — air conditioning hum, ringing phone, passing truck, wind noise, ruffle from clothing, and electronic noise. Users can fix over-modulated audio issues, sometimes remove music from recordings — leaving only dialogue, and quickly average audio levels so that the most quiet sounds are louder and the loudest sounds are brought down.

What is the definition of audio noise?

Any signal that impedes the listener from hearing audio they want to hear! As the founder and lead forensic expert of the National Center for Audio and Video Forensics, David Notowitz began his career producing, shooting, and editing television news segments, half hour magazine programs, documentaries, corporate videos, and feature films. He now leads his firm in providing audio and video forensic work to investigate incidents and preparing evidence for trial.

David Notowitz will lead a hands on experience with cleaning audio, explain how the tools work, and educate us on the filters and tools available to audio clarification forensic experts.

David Notowitz, Founder, National Center for Audio and Video Forensics (NCAVF)
Mr. Notowitz is an Emmy award winning producer and multi-faceted video and audio evidence expert. His past specialties include commercial, feature film, and event video production. In 1986 he started Notowitz Productions and produced daily segments for the Financial News Network (since bought by CNBC). Mr. Notowitz created NCAVF, the National Center for Audio and Video Forensics, and has worked as a forensic audio and video expert on many cases assisting police officers, private detectives, insurance investigators, district attorneys, public defenders, and corporate attorneys with cases across California and the country. His evidence analysis has provided assistance to attorneys involved in criminal and civil litigation, federal and state cases, and with plaintiff, prosecution, and defense. A few of the largest corporate clients include Kroger, Target, Home Depot, PetSmart, and McDonalds.