Authors: Kukheon Lee (Korea University), Jong-Hyun Choi (Korea University), Jungheum Park (Korea University), and Sangjin Lee (Korea University)



Best Paper – APAC 2021

Dashcam as an on-board camera is useful as a source of potential digital evidence not only to reveal the truth of a traffic accident but also to explain the situation of a crime scene as a moving surveillance camera. It stores multimedia data as well as a variety of additional information needed for accident investigation including time, location, speed, accelerometer, etc. Under these circumstances, various studies have been conducted for dashcam forensics, but most of them focused mainly on extracting and interpreting visual video frames. In this paper, we identify and classify various metadata generated by 14 dashcam models produced by 11 manufacturers. Furthermore, we develop a normalized database schema to manage different multiple metadata and then discuss several dashcam forensic activities based on it. In addition, a prototype open-source tool is presented to support the proposed metadata-driven dashcam forensics.