The second annual DFRWS was held August 6-9, 2002 in Syracuse, New York and featured important presentations on Confronting Encryption in Computer Investigations, A Lessons Learned Repository for Computer Forensics, and Defining Digital Forensic Examination and Analysis Tools.

New to DFRWS?

Overview: The Digital Forensic Research Workshop (DFRWS) was initiated in August 2001 to bring academic researchers and digital forensic investigators and practitioners together for active discussion that addresses three major objectives:

  • Define the need and create the processes for the incorporation of a rigorous scientific method as a fundamental tenant of the evolving discipline of Digital Forensic Science
  • Develop a research agenda that considers practitioner requirements, multiple investigative environments and emphasizes real world usability
  • The discovery, explanation and presentation of conclusive, persuasive evidence that will meet the heightened scrutiny of the courts and other decision-makers in military and civilian environments

Since 2001, an annual workshop has been held in various cities around the US to present and discuss research topics. Archives are available as well as a more detailed history.

Conference Location:

Syracuse, NY United States

August 6, 2002 to August 9, 2002


Dr. Penrose (Parney) Albright


Bio: Dr. Penrose (Parney) Albright is currently serving as the Assistant Director for Homeland and National Security in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Senior Director for Research and Development in the Office of Homeland Security, of the Executive Office of the President.