Sebastiano Battiato (University of Catania)
Martino Jerian (Amped Software)


The widespread adoption of digital content over traditional physical media such as film has given rise to a number of new information security challenges. Digital content can be altered, falsified, and redistributed with relative ease by adversaries. This has important consequences for governmental, commercial, and social institutions that rely on digital information. The pipeline that leads to ascertain if an image has undergone some kind of forgery to determine if the image is "original" and, in the case where the previous step has given negative results, try to understand the past history of the image.

Although the field of multimedia forensics is still young, many forensic techniques have been developed to detect forgeries, identify the origin, and trace the processing history of digital multimedia content. This workshop provides an overview of information forensics research and related applications. We also examine the device-specific fingerprints left by digital image and video cameras along with forensic techniques used to identify the source of digital multimedia files. The possibility to reconstruct and discover the history of multimedia content will be examined providing some details about current scenarios involving data shared on social platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Finally, an overview of the recent trends and evolution, considering the updated literature in the field, will be provided.

The workshop is a mixture of lecture with theory and basic explanation of the issues involving the analysis of images and videos, and hands-on with many practical exercises to solve real or simulated cases using Amped Authenticate and Amped FIVE.