Eugenio Albamonte is a magistrate and since 1995 he has played the role of public prosecutor in Italy at Cosenza and Grosseto.

From 2004 to 2009 he worked at the Superior Council of Magistracy, currently he is Deputy Public Prosecutor at the Court of Law in Rome (Italy). He deals with cybercrime, fight against child pornography and cyber terrorism.

He is author of several papers and contributions in the fields of criminal law, judicial system, cybercrime and investigation techniques.

He carries out international activities within European public organizations devoted to judicial training, including the role of short term expert within projects funded by the European Union and the United Nations Organization (ONU) in support of judicial authorities of countries like Albania, Macedonia and Palestina. He also represents the Italian Ministry of Justice during international conferences in the field of fight against cybercrime.

He takes seminars on fight against cybercrime, organised by the Superior School of the Magistracy and professional associations. He teaches at Universities of Lucerna, Siena and Napoli where he takes courses on international cooperation in criminal matters.