Ricky Connell
Abstract: With all of the talk about scale, cloud, and big data, does this change the way that we need to think about digital forensics?

Many standard models fall apart when you are working with a limited amount of computing, financial and even personnel resources and the potential, or actual, large intrusion. What choices get made in deciding where to focus resources, and how does that affect outcomes? How do you determine completeness for an incident or investigation?

This talk will provide a perspective on forensic analysis in the context of potential intrusions of large environments, especially relating it to how forensics fits into the incident response cycle.

Bio: Ricky Connell is the Director of Incident Response of Yahoo. He leads an international team that responds to all Security Incidents and Investigations at some of the world's busiest Internet destinations. The team's responsibilities encompass everything from internally discovered issues to bug bounty reports through HackerOne, running through the incident response cycle, and working with all parts of Yahoo to analyze and remediate issues. Previously Ricky was at Symantec, Verisign, and Stanford University as an individual contributor in security teams and also managing security and operations teams.