Mariangela Biasiotti (Italian National Research Council)
Mattia Epifani (ITTIG - CNR)
Fabrizio Turchi
J. Deprez
N. Matskanis


This workshop will discuss various outcomes, including legislation, recommendations, guidelines, and technical standards, developed by the EVIDENCE project for the European Commission in order to establish a Common European Framework for the application of new technologies in the collection, use and exchange of evidence in transnational judicial cases. The project examined these topics from different standpoints (legal, data privacy, standardization, and technical issues) and taking into account the needs of various stakeholders (law enforcement, independent forensic experts, judicial authorities and defense lawyers). 

The discussion will focus on the following topics:

  • Validation of the the adequacy of the recently proposed standards DFAX/CybOX for the representation of data and metadata involved in a digital evidence exchange, including the whole evidence life-cycle from chain of custody to the output of a forensics analysis.
  • Identify how DFAX/CybOX may need to be adapted for transnational Electronic Evidence exchange. For instance,
    • By complementing CybOX with additional elements specific to forensic analysis
    • By providing a library of forensic actions
    • Which technical solutions may be more suitable for improving the exchange of electronic evidence in terms of efficiency, reliability and trust.
    • Review how a software proof of concept achieves implementing the DFAX standard and evaluate how it facilitates an efficient, reliable and trusted exchange of electronic evidence.