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Smart TV Forensics - Digital Traces On Televisions DFRWS EU 2015 Abdul Boztas, Remko Riethoven, Mark Roeloffs
Spam Campaign Detection, Analysis, and Investigation DFRWS EU 2015 Son Dinh, Taher Azeb, Francis Fortin, Djedjiga Mouheb, Mourad Debbabi
The Evidence Project - Bridging The Gap In The Exchange Of Digital Evidence Across Europe DFRWS EU 2015 Fabrizio Turchi
Tor Forensics on Windows OS DFRWS EU 2015 Mattia Epifani, Marco Scarito, Francesco Picasso
A Complete Formalized Knowledge Representation Model for Advanced Digital Forensics Timeline Analysis DFRWS USA 2014 Yoan Chabot, Aurelie Bertaux, Christophe Nicolle, Tahar Kechadi
A Forensically Robust Method For Acquisition Of iCloud Data DFRWS USA 2014 Kurt Oestreicher
Cooperative Mode - Comparative Storage Metadata Verification Applied To The Xbox 360 DFRWS USA 2014 Alex Nelson, Ph.D., Erik Steggall, Darrell Long
Design Tradeoffs for Developing Fragmented Video Carving Tools DFRWS USA 2014 Eoghan Casey, Ph.D., Rikkert Zoun
Developing a New Digital Forensics Curriculum DFRWS USA 2014 Anthony Lang, Masooda Bashir, Roy Campbell, Lizanne Destefano
Digital Investigations for IPv6-Based Wireless Sensor Networks DFRWS USA 2014 Vijay Kumar, George Oikonomou, Theo Tryfonas, Dan Page, Iain Phillips
Enabling Digital Forensics Practices in Libraries, Archives and Museums - The BitCurator Experience DFRWS USA 2014 Christopher Lee, Kam Woods
Extracting Hidden Messages in Steganographic Images DFRWS USA 2014 Tu-Thach Quach
Image-Based Kernel Fingerprinting DFRWS USA 2014 Vassil Roussev, Ph.D., Irfan Ahmed, Thomas Sires
In Lieu of Swap - Analyzing Compressed RAM in Mac OS X and Linux DFRWS USA 2014 Golden Richard III, Ph.D., Andrew Case
Information Assurance In A Distributed Forensic Cluster DFRWS USA 2014 Nick Pringle, Mikhaila Burgess
Media Forensics Analysis In Digital Times DFRWS USA 2014 Catalin Grigoras
Memory Forensics with Hyper-V Virtual Machines DFRWS USA 2014 Wyatt Roersma
Multidimensional Investigation of Source Port 0 Probing DFRWS USA 2014 Elias Bou-Harb, Nour-Eddine Lakhdari, Hamad Binsalleeh, Mourad Debbabi
Preliminary Forensic Analysis Of The Xbox One DFRWS USA 2014 Jason Moore, Ibrahim Baggili, Andrew Marrington, Armindo Rodrigues
Ranking Algorithms For Digital Forensic String Search Hits DFRWS USA 2014 Nicole Beebe, Ph.D., Lishu Liu
Some Practical Thoughts Concerning Active Disk Antiforensics DFRWS USA 2014 Travis Goodspeed
Testing the Forensic Soundness of Forensic Examination Environments on Bootable Media DFRWS USA 2014 Ahmed Fathy Abdel Latif Mohamed, Andrew Marrington, Farkhund Iqbal, Ibrahim Baggili
The Application Of Reverse Engineering Techniques Against The Arduino Microcontroller To Acquire Uploaded Applications DFRWS USA 2014 Steve Watson
The National Software Reference Library DFRWS USA 2014 Douglas White
The Regional Computer Forensics Lab System DFRWS USA 2014 Sean O'Brien
These Logs Were Made for Talking DFRWS USA 2014 Matt Bromiley
VMI-PL - A Monitoring Language for Virtual Platforms Using Virtual Machine Introspection DFRWS USA 2014 Florian Westphal, Stefan Axelsson, Christian Neuhaus, Andreas Polze
Automated Evaluation Of Approximate Matching Algorithms On Real Data DFRWS EU 2014 Frank Breitinger, Vassil Roussev, Ph.D.
BitTorrent Sync - First Impressions and Digital Forensic Implications DFRWS EU 2014 Jason Farina, Mark Scanlon, Ph.D., Tahar Kechadi
Digital Forensics as a Service - a Game Changer DFRWS EU 2014 Ruud van Baar, Harm van Beek, Erwin van Eijk
Fast Indexing Strategies for Robust Image Hashes DFRWS EU 2014 Christian Winter, Martin Steinebach, York Yannikos
Forensic Analysis of Video File Formats DFRWS EU 2014 Thomas Gloe, André Fischer, Matthias Kirchner
Information Assurance In A Distributed Forensic Cluster DFRWS EU 2014 Nicholas Pringle, Mikhaila Burgess
Key-Hiding On The ARM Platform DFRWS EU 2014 Alexander Nilsson, Marcus Andersson, Stefan Axelsson
OBA2 - An Onion Approach to Binary Code Authorship Attribution DFRWS EU 2014 Saed Alrabaee, Noman Saleem, Stere Preda, Lingyo Wang, Mourad Debbabi
On The Database Lookup Problem Of Approximate Matching DFRWS EU 2014 Frank Breitinger, Harald Baier, Douglas White
OpenLV - Empowering Investigators and First-Responders in the Digital Forensics Process DFRWS EU 2014 Brian Kaplan, Matthew Geiger
Out Of Sight, But Not Out Of Mind - Traces Of Nearby Devices' Wireless Transmissions In Volatile Memory DFRWS EU 2014 Wicher Minnaard
Practical Use of Approximate Hash Based Matching in Digital Investigations DFRWS EU 2014 Petter Christian Bjelland, André Årnes, Katrin Franke
Robust Linux Memory Acquisition with Minimal Target Impact DFRWS EU 2014 Johannes Stuettgen, Michael Cohen
Windows Surface RT Tablet Forensics DFRWS EU 2014 Asif Iqbal, Hanan Alobaidli, Andrew Marrington, Andy Jones
A Study of User Data Integrity During Acquisition of Android Devices DFRWS USA 2013 Namheun Son, Yunho Lee, Dohyun Kim, Joshua James, Sangjin Lee, Kyungho Lee
An Evaluation Platform for Forensic Memory Acquisition Software DFRWS USA 2013 Stefan Voemel, Johannes Stuettgen
Android Forensics - Automated Data Collection And Reporting From A Mobile Device DFRWS USA 2013 Justin Grover
Anti-Forensic Resilient Memory Acquisition DFRWS USA 2013 Johannes Stüttgen, Michael Cohen
Automated Identification of Installed Malicious Android Applications DFRWS USA 2013 Mark Guido, Justin Grover, Jared Ondricek, Dave Wilburn, Drew Hunt, Thanh Nguyen
Design and Implementation of FROST - Digital Forensic Tools for the OpenStack Cloud Computing Platform DFRWS USA 2013 Josiah Dykstra, Ph.D., Alan Sherman
File Fragment Encoding Classification - An Empirical Approach DFRWS USA 2013 Vassil Roussev, Ph.D., Candice Quates
FRASH - A Framework To Test Algorithms Of Similarity Hashing DFRWS USA 2013 Frank Breitinger, Georgios Stivaktakis, Harald Baier
Improved Recovery and Reconstruction of DEFLATEd Files DFRWS USA 2013 Ralf Brown
Integrity Verification of User Space Code DFRWS USA 2013 Andrew White, Bradley Schatz, Ph.D., Ernest Foo
Language Translation for File Paths DFRWS USA 2013 Neil Rowe, Riqui Schwamm, Simson Garfinkel, Ph.D.
Modern Ships Voyage Data Recorders - A Forensics Perspective on the Costa Concordia Shipwreck DFRWS USA 2013 Mario Piccinelli, Paolo Gubian
Unicode Search of Dirty Data, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Unicode Technical Standard 18 DFRWS USA 2013 Jon Stewart, Joel Uckelman
A General Strategy for Differential Forensic Analysis DFRWS USA 2012 Simson Garfinkel, Ph.D., Alex Nelson, Ph.D., Joel Young
Acquiring Forensic Evidence from Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud Computing DFRWS USA 2012 Josiah Dykstra, Ph.D., Alan Sherman
An Analysis of Ext4 for Digital Forensics DFRWS USA 2012 Kevin Fairbanks
An Automated Timeline Reconstruction Approach for Digital Forensic Investigations DFRWS USA 2012 Christopher Hargreaves, Jonathan Patterson
Bin-Carver - Automatic Recovery of Binary Executable Files DFRWS USA 2012 Scott Hand, Zhiqiang Lin, Guofei Gu, Bhavani Thuraisingham
Content Triage with Similarity Digests - The M57 Case Study DFRWS USA 2012 Vassil Roussev, Ph.D., Candice Quates
Finding and Identifying Text in 900+ Languages DFRWS USA 2012 Ralf Brown
IntroLib - Efficient and Transparent Library Call Introspection for Malware Forensics DFRWS USA 2012 Zhui Deng, Dongyan Xu, Xiangyu Zhang, Xuxian Jiang
Lessons Learned Writing Computer Forensics Tools and Managing a Large Digital Evidence Corpus DFRWS USA 2012 Simson Garfinkel, Ph.D.
Social Networking Applications on Mobile Devices DFRWS USA 2012 Noora Al Mutawa, Ibrahim Baggili, Andrew Marrington
Surveying The User Space Through User Allocations DFRWS USA 2012 Andrew White, Bradley Schatz, Ph.D., Ernest Foo
Testing the National Software Reference Library DFRWS USA 2012 Neil Rowe
The Use of Random Sampling in Investigations Involving Child Abuse Material DFRWS USA 2012 Michael Wilkinson, Brian Jones, Syd Pleno
Triage in Digital Forensics DFRWS USA 2012 Ryan Moore
Using NLP Techniques for File Fragment Classification DFRWS USA 2012 Oles Zhulyn, Simran Fitzgerald, George Mathews, Colin Morris
Visualization in Malware and Forensics DFRWS USA 2012 Danny Quist
Advanced Evidence Collection and Analysis of Web Browser Activity DFRWS USA 2011 Junghoon Oh, Seungbong Lee, Sangjin Lee
An Evaluation of Forensic Similarity Hashes DFRWS USA 2011 Vassil Roussev, Ph.D.
Augmenting Password Recovery with Online Profiling DFRWS USA 2011 Khawla Al-Wehaibi, Tim Storer, Brad Glisson
CAT Detect - A Tool for Detecting Inconsistency in Computer Activity Timelines DFRWS USA 2011 Andrew Marrington, Ibrahim Baggili, George Mohay, Andrew Clark
Detecting Data Theft Using Stochastic Forensics DFRWS USA 2011 Jonathan Grier
Digital Forensics in Consumer Online Privacy Class Actions DFRWS USA 2011 Scott Kamber
Distributed Forensics and Incident Response in the Enterprise DFRWS USA 2011 Michael Cohen, Darren Bilby, Germano Caronni
eDiscovery Case Study DFRWS USA 2011 A. J. Krouse
Empirical Analysis of Solid State Disk Data Retention when used with Contemporary Operating Systems DFRWS USA 2011 Christopher King
Extracting the Windows Clipboard from Memory DFRWS USA 2011 James Okolica, Gilbert Peterson
Forensic Carving of Network Packets and Associated Data Structures DFRWS USA 2011 Robert Beverly, Ph.D., Simson Garfinkel, Ph.D., Greg Cardwell
Privacy-Preserving Network Flow Recording DFRWS USA 2011 Bilal Shebaro, Jedidiah Crandall
Reconstructing Corrupt DEFLATEd Files DFRWS USA 2011 Ralf Brown
System for the Proactive, Continuous, and Efficient Collection of Digital Forensic Evidence DFRWS USA 2011 Clay Shields, Ophir Frieder, Mark Maloof
Towards a General Collection Methodology for Android Devices DFRWS USA 2011 Chengye Zhang, Nicolas Christin
Visualization in Testing a Volatile Memory Forensic Tool DFRWS USA 2011 Hajime Inoue, Frank Adelstein, Ph.D., Robert Joyce
Android Anti-Forensics Through a Local Paradigm DFRWS USA 2010 Alessandro Distefano, Gianluigi Me, Francesco Pace
Automated Mapping of Large Binary Objects Using Primitive Fragment Type Classification DFRWS USA 2010 Gregory Conti, Sergey Bratus, Benjamin Sangster, Roy Ragsdale, Matthew Supan, Andrew Lichtenberg, Robert Perez-Alemany, Anna Shubina
Different Interpretations of ISO9660 File Systems DFRWS USA 2010 Brian Carrier (Honorary Board Member) , Ph.D.
Digital Forensics Research - The Next 10 Years DFRWS USA 2010 Simson Garfinkel, Ph.D.
Dynamic Recreation of Kernel Data Structures for Live Forensics DFRWS USA 2010 Golden Richard III, Ph.D., Andrew Case, Lodovico Marziale
Extracting Windows Command Line Details from Physical Memory DFRWS USA 2010 Richard Stevens, Eoghan Casey, Ph.D.
Forensic Investigation of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Network DFRWS USA 2010 Robert Erdely, Thomas Kerle, Brian Levine, Marc Liberatore, Clay Shields
Hash Based Disk Imaging Using AFF4 DFRWS USA 2010 Michael Cohen, Bradley Schatz, Ph.D.
If Error Rate is Such a Simple Concept, Why Don't I have One for My Forensic Tool Yet DFRWS USA 2010 James Lyle
Leaving Timing Channel Fingerprints in Hidden Service Log Files DFRWS USA 2010 Bilal Shebaro, Fernando Perez-Gonzalez, Jedidiah Crandall
Live Memory Forensics of Mobile Phones DFRWS USA 2010 Vrizlynn L. L. Thing, Kian-Yong Ng, Ee-Chien Chang
Secure USB Bypassing Tool DFRWS USA 2010 Jewan Bang, Byeongyeong Yoo, Sangjin Lee
The Normalized Compression Distance as a File Fragment Classifier DFRWS USA 2010 Stefan Axelsson
Treasure and Tragedy in kmem_cache Mining for Live Forensics Investigation DFRWS USA 2010 Golden Richard III, Ph.D., Andrew Case, Lodovico Marziale, Cris Neckar